It’s been more than two years since I last sat for 3 hours filling white sheets with so called ‘answers.’ Life is an amazing world with endless question and answers but an interesting fact is that a student answers it for the sake of scoring marks. Later the same person, who completes his days as a student (some are exceptions) questions everything and answers for nothing.

This is a fine example, which explains why I always asked for more additional sheets during examination (to some extent it was to impress my class girls too). As one may notice that I have completely deviated myself from defining fun in 250 words. This was my answering style, by the time I could start answering with relevance to the point, my explanations would run filling atl east a page. I never had an opportunity to thank all the valuators for their sincere effort and hard work towards finding for my answers in between answers. Today, I take this opportunity to thank them all who are responsible for boosting my confidence towards questioning the questions instead of answering them.

Apart from the main intention of mixing too much of unknown into known and ultimately making it to look completely as a known thing. Asking for more additional sheets has lots of advantages too, firstly, it instigates the closest competitor to write more. Secondly, one can impress girls temporarily (temporarily because, it is valid only till the date of results) and finally one can express his/her personal agenda to the maximum up to three continuous hours.

Times up, got to tag my answer sheets and I have to carefully examine my register number and signature, otherwise I may lose marks. Wait a second, I forgot to define fun in 250 words. Doesn’t matter fun for me is to do things in unique way, like what I just did by not defining fun in a funny way.


Throughout our life, it’s always the past which haunts the most and future which terrifies the worst. But, in comparison remembering past is always accompanied with good things done and said. Most of all, its all about those days, which we enjoyed the most living every moment in our own way. No matter how optimist one might be, the future is always welcomed through uncertain mind and thoughts. Well, lets not get so serious about discussing things which are always complicated and have only few conclusions, that too unsatisfactory ones.

The first thing which comes to our mind, when forced upon the past life is obviously those wonderful childhood period, which is followed by a lovely and colourful teenage days. Rewinding memories are quite different for those who never had an opportunity to circle around the educational system in their life. Many learn (through schools and colleges) to understand what life is and ultimately many fail to do it. But many achieve it without learning at schools or colleges, as they reside very close to actual life, which in turn provides them the greatest tool of all time — the experience.

Sometimes for a person like me to discuss serious things, is like making a mockery of my own self. Yes, it’s quite difficult to stay away from the fun world I live in. It’s always like advertising my own negative thoughts in order to escape from the fears which I fear the most. This reminds me about a friend who was suffering from the fear of water — aquaphobia. This dates back to my high school days, which is again a treat to recollect. That was the time when I explored a lot of things ranging from how a baby takes birth to why mohini (a female soul which is supposed to be in white apparel) wander all alone in the night. To be frank I still avoid going out all alone after the clock strikes 12 in the night fearing mohini might just spot me and take me away to her living place (the tamarind tree). I even chalked stating ‘nale baa’ (come tomorrow), urging restless souls to stay away from my house forever.

Well coming back to my aquaphobic friend, who was my closest of closest friend. Now the friendship is not on the same grounds because we both are busy fighting with the life for supremacy in our own way. Apart from our studies, we had nothing to break our heads on. So, our exploration was always on, he never spoke anything about his fear towards water. I too never realised that it was in his mind all the time. Not even when we all usually go for swimming, it was for joy, fun and even sometimes to compete each other on staying for long inside the water. With all these things around, this friend of mine always refused to swim with us giving reasons, which we always believed. We thought his mother might scold him for doing so, even we never wanted to get into any such situation where his mother may spoil our joy by complaining it to our parents.

At this juncture, a fine day rather call it a worst day, all by himself decided to break away his fear and decided to swim with us. That was the first time I saw him getting into the water. Still I was unaware of his fear, but somehow with his body language, it struck to my mind that he was uncomfortable with water but I ignored it. That was the one mistake which I always regret, which later on resulted in a worst experience to this date. We all went for a long swim towards the middle of the river and never took notice of him.

After sometime, one of them were missing, at that moment the feeling was as if though the hell was close to me. Yes, it was him who was missing, we all were completely shocked but had no other choice to find for him and hope for his life. He knew a bit of swimming but never saw him coming towards deep water but we were wondering on how he can just vanish like that, shoutings were all around but still no response. The frightening thing was that his clothes were on the shore. Almost half an hour went passed and still no signs of him, well we thought he might have reached his end. I still remember everyone crying and asking someone to help find his body. No one had the guts to inform his parents about the incident, that was the day when I understood the importance of life and living.

By now most of us came to a conclusion that he was dead. Surprisingly, no, my friend was not dead. It was a practical joke which we witnessed because of the Supreme care taker of the Universe played with us. Yes, my friend was hiding inside a bush close by the shore and the discovery was made by none other than me. Wondering how? This is how I found my missing friend, in between the incident it was a desperate call from the nature (simply urinate). I moved a bit inside the bushes (you know you have to when women are busy washing clothes on the shore), where I found someone resembling to my friend sitting idle and scared. Oh God! I screamed and called all my friends. The later I can’t express in words, because we scolded him for putting us in to a hopeless situation. So he deserved some beatings and scoldings like f***, etc etc.

This is one incident, which is very close to my heart whenever I just think about my past. It sounds funny at the end but take my word, it is not so funny to be in such situation. I wish nothing like that happens in your life. And about the future stuff, it’s better to talk in future.

This is one of the classical example of mine on how I keep up the reputation of being bakra (the scape goat), where ever I go. As usual, before leaving to work I took some money from my mother for daily expenses which also includes the tax which I religiously pay to the tobacco company without fail. As usual I was running short of time for my assignment which I had to complete it on the same day, I went in hurry piercing through the traffic. At last I reached the college where I had an interview with the principal. Everything went according to my schedule and was quite happy with the information I received from my source. So after this brief work at the college, it was the time for me to pay tax in favour of my favourite tobacco company thinking of my own
college days and the joy of being a student.

As I was standing all alone on the footpath, I heard someone speaking to me then I immediately realised that a lady was asking for some money, so with no delay I just took out my wallet and gave her a rupee thinking that she will go away as she was disturbing my memories of student life. But she didn’t, instead she started pouring blessings on me saying that I would get a lovely wife of my choice, all the wealth and even an air conditioned car.

By now I came to know that she was not a beggar but a fortune teller, after few minutes she gave me something to keep it in my wallet, I got totally confused and then I thought if I give her an another rupee she may go away but as soon I opened my wallet, she forcefully took away all the money from my wallet saying that she could bless and make them to yield in terms of crores in future. By that time I was totally annoyed and was cursing myself for indulging in conversation with her.

Stuck by humiliation

I thought its time for me to call it off and asked her to return my money back, but inturn she asked for more money if I had, now she was really running on my head and I replied saying that was the only money I had and requested her to give it back ( now the situation was completely opposite, it was like I was in begging status but the only difference was that I was begging for my own money). It was a deep humiliating situation for me and couldn’t request her more and stood stunned by her act of leaving me with no money. Even though at the end I failed in getting my money back, I gratefully thanked God for the fact that I atleast had enough fuel in my bike to reach back to office. On my way back, I don’t know how many times I cursed myself saying not to open my wallet in front of any beggar nor infront of any stranger in future.

I never realised that expressing funny incidents in life will be not so funny. But whatever, being funny is not so funny as so called ‘serious’ people think. With these funny thoughts of mine, which I seriously intended to start through this blog from past three months at last moves forward with the first gear in position. So, here I am with all the remix of the old philosophy — living life to the core with fun. I couldn’t help because I blame the remix age I live in, where everything is reinvented with the help of old ingredients with a pinch of new ideologies. So lets get started with some serious business of passing around the essence of living life in a funny manner. And better beware before you comment on any of my write ups because commenting as you think is not that funny.

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